Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Blugrass Conspiracy

I happened across a thread on Topix about the dissapearence of a young socialite by the name of Melanie Flynn. The resulting trail of information/misinformation is facinating. The whole story revolves around a arms/drug smuggling cartel ("The Company") running through Lexington KY. Many of the names associated and attached to the story are very wealthy politicians, business owners and public officials still in the public eye. The conspiracy has thousands of facinating tangents (like a cocaine filled Army tank, a weapons heist at a military base, connections to Oliver North... and did I mention 3 people involved just died in the recent ComAir crash in Lexington?). Although the main story (documented here) is compelling, the real story revolves around Melanie Flynn's disappearance and her connection to a rougue officer that was part of "The Company". Sources in the Lexington PD say the organization still operates today, over 30 years later.  Below are the links to days of research I have done on the topic. I should state that the book "The Blue Grass Conspiracy: The Inside Story of Power, Greed, Drugs and Murder" by Sally Denton should be a prerequisite read. Also, many of the commenters in the Topix forums claim to be closely related to the saga.

General info:

The ComAir Connection:

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